Filmed by Rory Pringle & Lachlan McKinnon

Edited by Special Ed

Produced by …Lost Indo and Logan Dulien/Snapt3

Mayhem’s always kept a talented stable of test drivers, and none as captivating a stuntman as Matt’s main man these days, Mason Ho.

Filming for Logan Dulien’s Spapt 3 in Indo last year, Mace brought along a handful of new models from Mr. Biolos to give once-overs, some new shortboards, plenty of good wave tube boards, and as is almost always the case these days with Mason, a stubby, fishy little number— Mayhem’s newest variation on the wildly popular Puddle Fish, swapping pescador for pintail, and letting Mason run it through the gears all over the wave-riddled islands.

“For me, the Puddle Pin or a fish makes surfing a lot more fun in bad surf, and then they feel different in perfect, clean surf,” Mason tells Stab. “I try to pack one anywhere I go, always. Before 5’5” 19 1/4, I only heard my Dad say something funny about [fishes]. Then I saw the movie and instantly wanted one. I remember, being a grom, my quiver was super small, more contest boards, so it took a while to graduate to having a fish in the quiver. But I LOVED Andy and Ward in that OG movie—and Cory was ripping, too!—because they were regular foots and already my favorites.

I’ve had lots of different fishes from Matt over the years, and to be honest, I’ve never had a bad one. Many, many magic sessions. After a certain amount of time, I destroy them—and then completely fix them to destroy again. I’ve been riding the Puddle Jumper for years now—twin or quad, all are good— and it seems like they’re better than ever now. I’d say 40% of my sessions these days are on boards like this.”