Channel Island – Al Merrick – Sampler

Take your good wave game to conditions that are not. The Sampler was developed with Dane Reynolds to be that step-down board you ride a little shorter and wider in smaller or weaker surf while not sacrificing performance. It fits in your quiver between something fishy like a High 5 or Pod Mod and your normal shortboard.

Loosely based off the Dumpster Diver,it has flat, racy entry and center rocker,with ample curve out the tail for tight transitions and airs. A generous single concave runs the whole length of the board, with a slight double within the single between the fins, and just a little vee to provide kick off the tail. The outline is full but sleek in the front half, with an exaggerated and slightly forward of normal Merrick hip, and a wide old-school squash tail.

5’9 19 1/2 2 7/16 29.7
5’10 19 3/4 2 1/2 31.2
5’11 20 2 9/16 32.8
6’0 20 1/4 2 5/8 34.5
6’1 20 1/2 2 5/8 35.4

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